Frying Pan | Outdoor Titanium Frying Pan 9"


The Ultimate Breakfast Companion: Unfold it, ignite your Adventure Stove and get cooking those scrambled eggs – and then simply fold it all back down flat when you need to pack it up again. Talk about convenience.

Ideal for your Outdoor Excursions

You’ll soon find that this Adventure Outdoor Titanium Frying Pan is ideal for caravanning, camping, boating, picnics and pretty much any other outdoor activity or gatherings you may have. This collapsible camping frying pan is easy to clean up as it is non-stick, and even simpler to store with its collapsible handle. 

Perfect for use on the Adventure Stove

Get cooking in no time. Have eggs any way you’d like them, fried potatoes, or both on the go! The frying pan fits perfectly on the Adventure stove as it is only 9 inches in diameter.

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