Collapsible Kettle Kit | Silicone Collapsible Kettle Kit


Introducing the Kettle Kit which does exactly what it says on the tin. Unfold it, fill it up and boil a kettle within minutes – and then simply fold it all back down flat when you need to pack it up again. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

Ideal for a range of outdoor situations

You’ll soon find that this Adventure Silicone Collapsible Kettle Kit is ideal for caravanning, camping, boating, picnics and pretty much any other outdoor activity you can think of. This space saving silicone collapsible camping kettle, cups and bowls is so easy to use and even simpler to store away, just push down flat back into its base.

It’s so compact you could even fit it in a rucksack for a long day of trekking – it takes up to 50% less of the space usually taken up in your bag! 

Energy efficient kettle base

Boiling water in the collapsible kettle takes no time at all with its energy efficient metal base, so you’ll have hot water when you need it within minutes. You should bear in mind that this Summit folding pop-up kettle is to be used on gas appliances only though, so make sure you’ve got the right appliance for the job- we recommend our Adventure Stove to get maximum efficiency.



Easy to clean and stylish

This reusable kettle, cups and bowls are washable, so it’s easier to clean than many metal alternatives. We’d definitely recommend this if you need a durable, convenient tool for your next festival adventure.

There’s one obvious point we haven’t mentioned so far too, and that’s just how good this kettle looks. As you can see from the rest of products section, we love nothing more than adding a little color into your outdoor kit! You can even coordinate your kit so you know what’s yours and it doesn’t get lost.



Other than looking good, there are a number of great features that make these Summit collapsible kettle, bowls and cups quite so great. Check out the main points you need to know right here and don’t miss out on this great product.

  • Packs away easily
  • Boils water quickly
  • Stylish design
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Available in three colors


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